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What happens to the Utilities?

Gas, Electricity and Water

The gas, electricity and water companies etc., should be advised whenever the property is empty so that meters can be read and accounts prepared, even if this will only be for a relatively short period of time.

We will do this for you on the initial letting and also each time there is a change of tenant or the property is to be empty for some time for another reason.

During these 'void' periods the utility services will be transferred back into your name but, assuming we are still under your instructions, accounts will be made care of our office address.

Normally we will be carrying forward some small sum in your rental account in respect of emergency maintenance etc., but if for some reason at the time we did not hold any funds then of course we would forward the bills to you for settlement direct.

The tenant is obviously responsible for the gas, electricity and water/sewerage bills generated by their usage during the tenancy, including standing charges, but their liabilities in this respect clearly finish on the date their legal liabilities as tenants end.

Utility type bills must always be in the name either of the tenant or the Landlord. Between lets they will be in the name of the Landlord but c/o our office address and provided we are in funds we pay any bills in the usual way. If we are not in funds then you will need to send us the necessary payment without delay.


Generally speaking telephone companies will not deal with third parties, though if you are to be residing abroad we may be able to assist

The tenants are responsible for arranging any line reconnections and meeting any costs associated with this.

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