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Protecting your Interests

Will my money be safe?

It is essential for Landlords to ensure that they only entrust their properties and any rents, deposits and maintenance funds to agents who operate to the highest professional standards.

Each office in the Castle Estates national network maintains separate clients' accounts and operates these accounts to professional standards which protect the interests of landlords and tenants.

Each office also holds comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover against claims for errors or omissions and Fidelity Insurance to protect against the loss or misuse of clients' money through fraud or dishonesty by any member of Castle Estates staff.

This provides a protection of the last resort for all our clients' monies. At Castle Estates therefore we firmly believe that we are ideally placed to offer you, our customer, the security and peace of mind so essential to you whilst your property, probably not only your greatest single asset but possibly also your home, is under our management.

Our business motto - "Nothing is too much trouble" - is recognised and respected by our clients, who value the dedicated and professional care we take of their individual properties. This trust and confidence is the keystone of our success, and has generated many excellent referrals over the years.

How can I be sure that the rent will be paid?

A Landlord's rights and remedies are quite clearly set out in the legislation regulating tenancies, the tenancy agreement is a legal contract and as such is enforceable by law.

We do everything we can to ensure that the right tenant is selected, and in the vast majority of cases, their conduct is all we could hope for. However there are odd occasions when problems can arise and unexpected difficulties such as redundancy, long term illness or a relationship breakdown can suddenly affect the best of tenants.

We will always try to rectify problem situations, by promptly sending reminder letters for any outstanding rent, visiting the property and discussing as far as possible the problems being experienced and agreeing the solution. However we can only do this against the backdrop of how far the tenant can or will take us into their confidence.

We will of course provide all the help and information needed in supporting a Landlord, and there is also a range of insurance policies specifically designed to protect Landlords against the legal costs and potential loss or rent which might arise in litigation cases.

Along with this brochure you should have received the leaflets which outline the cover provided by these policies.

Will my property be safe when empty?

Our full management service does not extend to house-sitting if a property is going to be empty for an extended period unless a separate arrangement is entered into with us, which we will be happy to discuss with you. Naturally if the property is being re-let we would hope to be visiting fairly frequently anyway on viewings with prospective tenants.

What insurances can you arrange for me?

Landlord Insurance Products

  • Buildings and Contents
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Rent protection cover

We will be pleased to assist you in arranging any insurances you may feel you need by creating cover for you or arranging for our insurance provider partner company to contact you and discuss any Landlord insurance needs you may have in this vital area.

Policies will be arranged through companies acknowledged as the market leaders in providing these specialist policies. Apart from the legal and rent protection policies already referred to, cover is also available for buildings and/or contents.

You should exercise caution in assuming that an existing policy will continue to provide cover unaffected by rental activity.

In particular, do not assume that simply because consent to a letting has been granted by a lender that any cover previously effected through that lender will continue as before.

If you experience any difficulty in this connection, or are unsure of how your existing cover is affected, we will be pleased to discuss this with you and outline alternatives that may suit your purpose better whilst you are acting as a Landlord.

Relevant brochures and separate factsheets are available on request to advise on this important subject.

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