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You may be considering letting for a number of reasons. Perhaps you will be working overseas for a number of years and want to retain a stake in the UK housing market. Perhaps you have recently inherited a property or you may be one of a growing group of people who view property as a key element of their investment portfolio. Whatever your reason for letting, the private rental sector offers you an alternative investment opportunity.

Recent legislative changes have removed many of the uncertainties associated with letting, so you could always be entitled to seek possession of your property at the end of a letting period.

Financial returns from letting have significantly improved due to the long term real growth in house prices, the availability of 'buy to let' mortgage schemes, and the ability to offset many of the cost associated with letting against rental income for tax purposes. Letting can provide both Income and Capital Growth.

Strong economic growth, an increasingly mobile professional workforce and corporate relocations combine to ensure a strong demand for rental property throughout most of the UK, thus ensuring you should have minimal periods when your property remains unlet. We trust that you will find this guide to be informative and helpful.

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